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2021 NEWS:  Nothing Yet

2020 NEWS:  Everything Canceled


09-Aug-2019 Langen 3000m open water. It's not offically a race, but of course we all race it!

 28-Jul-2019 HeidelbergMan for the HeidelbergCement Relay Team

10-Jun-2019 5000m open water swim Losheim am See

28-Jul-2019 HeidelbergMan for the HeidelbergCement Relay Team



Other Recent Events

04-Nov-2019 "Crazy Swimming" in Mainz 100 x 100m  

1000m at TSG Maxdorf, January, 2019

03-Nov-2018 "Crazy Swimming" in Mainz 100 x 100m 

Mainz 04-Nov-2017 "Crazy Swimming" 100x100m on 2 mins

Heidelbergman 2016/2017 Results

Team HeidelbergCement_5, 7th team 

31-Jul-2016 12th place for Company teams

Results 31-Jan-2016 TSG Maxdorf  Swim Meet:

200m  freestyle  5th / 1st M50 http://goo.gl/0krGc1
1000m freestyle 14:12, 18th / 2nd M50 http://goo.gl/S6ouas

2015 NEWS:
Jeff comes out of retirement 02-Aug-2015 to do the swim leg of the HeidelbergMan Triathlon for the HeidelbergCement company team


How do I get enough wind in the lungs to blow into that Bass Saxophone for a 4 Hour Gig?  See Below!


The origins of my sports career go back to the 1970s at Suffield Academy  where I was a member of the cross-country, swimming and track teams. This turned out be an optimal foundation for what would be a long running career and a brief stint as a professional triathlete.

Running 1984 - 2002


Links to the best running teams world wide:

LG Bad Soden/Neuenhain GER

Mohegan Striders New London, Ct.

SCSU Cross Country & Track New Haven, Ct.



In 1984, inspired by the Olympics, particularly Joan Benoit’s marathon, I re-took to the streets and prepared for the New Haven 20km. The race was a hoot and the journey began. 

Within a couple years, I was participating at the collegiate level at Southern Connecticut State Universityand taking part in big world events like the New York, Boston & Berlin marathons, even logging a win at local races now and then. This ‘run’ lasted until 2002 when the 2nd knee surgery ended things…for now.


These will most likely stand unless some miracle Styrofoam® gets developed for knees. Until then, the sports action having to do with me will be able to be viewed in the swimming section.                  

3000m, Pfungstadt Abendfest, July 2002


400m   0:56  New Haven, CT. 1988
800m   2:03  Yale U. 1988
1500m   4:09  Yale U. 1988 
Mile   4:24  Dedham, MA. 1990
3000m   8:45  Yale U. 1988 
2 Mile   9:24  SCSU 1987
5000m  15:24  Brown U. 1988
5km  15:31  W. Haven 1990 
5 Mile  26:10  Riverside MA.  1988
10,000m  32:40  CCSU 1988
10km  33:00  Hamden CT. 1988
15km  ? xxxxlookingxxxx  
10 mi  56:00   Guilford CT. 1994
20km 1:13:00  New Haven. CT. 1994
1/2Mar    1:17:00  Fairfield. CT. 1991
Marathon 2:45:00  Boston MA. 1991


Disclaimer- "I fully admit rounding down to :00 on the upper distances because I really don't remember the seconds. I do remember seeing 55:XX at Guilford as I crossed the line, so the 56:00 is probably right for the 10 miler."

After moving to Germany I managed to muster the following towards the end of the ole' running career:

800m  2:12  Wetzlar 2000 
1500m  4:24  Bad Camberg 2000
3000m  9:39  Pfungstadt 2000
5000m    16:58  *Hessen g.NED, NW 2000
10km 35:19   Jügesheim 2000
XC (Cross)  **  Hess. Meisterschaft 2002 
* 4-Way Meet - Hessen - Netherlands -Nordrhein - Westfallen

** 2nd Place Hessen XC Championship [Hessen Vizemeister M-40 Mannschaft LG-Bad Soden/Neuenhain] 2002


  • 2nd Place SCSU Track & Field Conference Championship 10,000m 1988
  • Captain SCSU Cross Country 1990
  • 1st Place Connecticut Track & Field Championship (TAC) 5000m 1990
  • Boston Marathon, 4 Starts /4 Finishes 
  • New York Marathon, 2 Starts / 2 Finishes
  • Berlin Marathon, 2 Starts /2 Finishes
  • East Lyme Marathon, 7th Place, 1994. (Also played sax with the band at the post race party.)
  • Top 5 finisher for Deutsche Bank and top 100 out of 44,000 runners in the J.P. Morgen - Chase Run, Frankfurt, Germany


***************************************** Swimming 1976 on & off...and on again since 2015!

I swam at Suffield Academy 1976 - 1980. The coach his senior year was the great Andy Lowe.I was also briefly member of the Deutsche Bank company swim team in the mid 2000s. The latest comeback has me swimming in the triathlon relay for HeidelbergCement as well as a couple other events now and then.

Upcoming Swim Meets:


5000m open water swim, Stausee Losheim (maybe)

HeidelbergMan for the HeidelbergCement Relay Team (maybe)



Triathon 1986 - 1992

Highlights -

Finisher Cape Cod Endurance Triathlon 1986 (Full Ironman Distance)

1/2 Ironmann (1.2mi Swim, 56mi Bike & 13.1mi Run) Best Time - 4:17, Tupper Lake, NY. July, 1990

1st Place - Sri Chinmoy Triathlon, Fairfield, CT. August 1992

2nd Place (M-30) Bergisch-Gladbach Triathlon September, 1992

"Professional Triathlete" 1990-1992

I retired from the triathlon scene before digital cameras and results/pictures were posted in the internet. The archives are being searched for a decent picture to scan for the site.


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