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The Greens and music are joined at the cellular level. The multiple appearances of the name "Green" below are not coincidental.

From Left to Right:
The Green Brothers Novelty Band (1930)

Lou Raderman, Violin
Lew Green Sr. Guitar
George Hamilton Green, Xylophone
George Marsh, Drums (also with the Paul Whiteman Orch)
Cookie Hanaford, Saxophone

Jimmy Dorsey, Saxophone
Norman McPhearson, Tuba (also with Whiteman)
Morris Pierce, Saxophone
Joe Breviano, Accordian
Bill Dorn, Xylophone
Joe Green, Xylophone

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Hear Jeff's grandfather, Lewis Green Sr. leading the Stienie Bottle Boys Radio Show in 1937

Lew Green Sr. Photos



Next Generation G:
Pictured on the left: The Original Salty Dogs (1964)

John Cooper    (Piano)
Kim Cusack       (Clarinet)
Lew Green Jr.     (Cornet)
Bob Sundstrom     (Banjo)
Mike Walbridge       (Tuba)
Jim Snyder                (Trombone)
Wayne Jones               (Drums)

They're still at it...Click here to see the latest  

The Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band 

Nowadays, in 2014, it's...
John Cooper (piano)  *John Cooper† April, 2010
Carol Leigh    (vocals)
Kim Cusack     (clarinet)
Jack Kuncl        (banjo)
Tom Bartlett      (trombone)
Wayne Jones      (drums) *Wayne Jones† May, 2013
Lew Green Jr.         (cornet)
Mike Walbridge        (tuba)

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